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December 22, 2004

Interview with "music man" Joe Taylor

Being as nosy as I am (hehe) I always like to know what other people are up to... those who are out there "in the trenches" of building their businesses online. What are they really working on? What is working? What ain't working so well?

And so I decided that I would start doing a series of interviews with people who are building their businesses online. What better way to learn than from those who are already doing it? Besides, I need to talk to a live person every once in a while, LOL!

I had a great chat with fellow coach and internet whiz Joe Taylor last week. Joe had shared a comment re: the Timeline to Cashflow posting a few weeks back, saying how it was pretty much in line with how his business has progressed. Naturally I wanted to know more of his story.

Joe literally started from scratch just over 18 months ago, and is now happily making $5000/month from his online efforts. (And on track to double that in the next 6 months, nice!) His niche is working musicians, and he offers a variety of resources to this market through a blog (www.spinme.com), a great one-banana site (www.musicbizcoaching.com) and a membership program (www.indiebiz.com).

I invite you to take a listen, the recording is just over 55 minutes. Click here to listen. For faster listening right click on the link to save a copy to your harddrive.

We would love to hear your comments and/or biggest "aha" from listening to Joe's story. Please share below.

And i'm looking for future interviewees to share this online adventures... if you are interested please pop me an email at


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