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October 25, 2005

Multiple Streams List-Building Workgroup: Enough Training, More Doing

The first-ever Multiple Streams List-Building Workgroup was a great success - In addition to some lists that grew by hundreds, dozens of short and long-term commitments were fulfilled, including website overhauls, new product launches and the beginning of what I'm sure will be some lifelong partnerships.

Prior to attending the Multiple Streams List-Building Workgroup, I was getting a trickle of subscribers.

In just 3 weeks of implementing the strategies covered, I have had over 450 subscribers. These strategies really work.

I recommend this List-Building Workgroup to anyone who is serious about building a list and their business

Tessa Stowe http://www.attractmoreclientsnaturally.com

If you were unable to join us for the first round, we are pleased to open a new set of dates by popular request.

So if you're sick of talking about doing things, getting trained in this and that, and not getting anything done...

Maybe you 'get' the whole Multiple Streams concept, and now, are asking...so what? What do I do about it...

We encourage you to strongly consider the Multiple Streams List-Building Workgroup.

It's an environment designed to get you going; stop training and start completing. As evidenced by the various comments from prior participants, in addition to increasing the size of your list...you get a whole lot of other things done too!

Would you like to take part in that kind of spirit of accountability and start winnowing down your TO DO list? It's just $127 for four hours of support from two Mentor Coaches, not to mention the content and results...

A Workgroup is a group of people who gather by telephone to focus on a specific project, task or theme, and from week to week, hold one another accountable for getting real work done.

Modeled after the original 'Integrity Day' concept introduced by Thomas Leonard, the new November Workgroup will focus on building the size of your email list, also known affectionately as a Pink Spoon. The size of your pink spoon has a direct impact on how well, often, and directly, coaching business streams will flow to you.

Whether your list is currently big, medium or small, the Multiple Streams List-Building Workgroup is for you if you'd like to pay focused attention to boosting the size of your list in time for a more lucrative fall.

Together we will work on "The Top 21+ Ways to Build a Pink Spoon List with Integrity, Maximizing a Coaching Approach."

(Hint: A list size of about 1000 subscribers is a must for any serious Multiple Streams Coach; Several Workgroup participants have made tremendous progress towards just that in the very short 4 weeks.)
With support from the group, you will choose the best strategy to implement each week, and you will bring the results of your work the week after.

We'll outline tools and articulate concepts, suggest resources and partners, and of course cheerlead along the way to your list-building breakthrough.

The upshot is, by the end of the four week List-Building Workgroup, you will:

  1. Have increased the size of your list...
  2. Understand the direct relationship of certain activities to certain results, within the online world...
  3. Have shortened the time you spend testing new list-building strategies; use only the ones that work...
  4. Have been introduced to new joint venture possibilities....
  5. Increased your chances to convert subscribers to paying clients and putting real money in your pockets...

This is your chance to start doing something with all your learning.
As I like to say in 1-1 coaching sessions:

Don't think yourself into paralysis...just do. Stop training...start completing. No more trying...let's get going!

Posted by Tina at October 25, 2005 03:45 PM