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October 28, 2005

Sharing some Good News

I want to share with you a couple of new arrivals in the Online Business Manager family...

First, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in the spring. We are super thrilled about it, as i'm sure you can imagine. This is also the first grandchild in my family, so this is going to be one spoiled baby. (In fact my mother has already bought us pretty much everything we need, and we are just over 4 months pregnant!).

Want to see a picture of our 'youngest online business manager'? I've included a snapshot at the end of this post which I think is just cute as can be, for those who want to sneak a peek. :)

Second, i'm happy to announce our latest arrival launched just this week. Together with Cindy Greenway and Andrea Lee we have created a new Membership exclusively for Virtual Assistants, designed to help VAs grow a successful and sustainable business. If you are a VA, or would like to share this with VAs in your network, please see this post.

October has been a doozy of a month, busy indeed. Along with working on the new membership I spent the first few weeks completing my first ever 'big ticket' product with my biz partner Andrea Lee. It is on 'Pink Spoon Marketing: The Art and Science of Building a Multiple Streams Business'. This 200+ page binder and audio set includes everything you need to know A-Z to launch your business online, and is in production as we speak. Stay tuned for a special pre-launch offer for readers only in the coming weeks.

Baby Forsyth 'In Progress'

We did an ultrasound just last week. It's hard to properly scan most of the pictures (too blurry), but I thought this one of the bottom of the feet was just the cutest thing. Do you see a resemblance? LOL

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There's more joy to come!

Be well, be healthy...noting is more important than those little tykes.

Best Regards

Sandra Baptist, The Vision Queen (tm)

Posted by: Sandra Baptist at November 9, 2005 06:17 AM